Why should you hire a tech-editor?

We should start with. What is a tech-editor?

A tech-editor is someone who will go through your pattern in a short amount of time and check your work. They will check for inconsistencies, typos, your numbers plus a lot more.

A tech-editor is your second pair of eyes they will make sure that your customers have the best experience possible. They will check everything with a fine tooth comb.

Why should I pay for a service when I can just use test knitters?

A test knitter is a person who is your ideal customer. You want them to enjoy the process of test knitting for you as much as your paying customers. So you want them to have the best pattern possible. They are there to help ensure that the pattern is clear and they are also your promoters. If they find lots of errors then they may get frustrated and not come back to you in the future.

Tech-editors will also check that your pattern is clear and consistent throughout whereas a test knitter will focus on the numbers/information that they need to create the item. Tech-editors will also give suggestions on how you can improve the layout of your pattern to make it easier to read.

The other thing you have to think about is how experienced are your test knitters. What if you have a design that is a jumper and it is graded in 12 sizes. What do you do if one of your knitters has a problem with the measurements? Is it your numbers, is it the yarn used, or is it her gauge. How can you decide which is correct? A tech-editor will at least confirm your numbers are correct to your gauge. How many test knitters do you require if you are designing a jumper that is in 25 different sizes (baby to 4XL man – tin can knits)?

A big point to remember tech-editors that are also designers get other tech-editors to check their work. As it’s too easy to miss your own mistakes.

If you feel that I could help you on checking your pattern please feel free to contact me and we can talk about what you would like and need.

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