Ways to make your patterns accessible

Now, this is a huge topic and in one blog post, I can’t talk about all the different ways of being accessible in your patterns. So, I’m just going to talk about a few ways of being accessible. I want to start with everyone is different and therefore it’s about making your pattern fit aContinue reading “Ways to make your patterns accessible”

Does one size fit all ever fit all?

The last few days I’ve been looking around and going through the knitting patterns that I own. I’ve noticed a few have patterns which we are one size only. Can you truly be an inclusive designer if you have patterns that are one size only? This also includes accessories in my opinion. The number ofContinue reading “Does one size fit all ever fit all?”

Low Vision Pattern Checklist

Recently I’ve been updating my patterns and talking to people about low vision patterns. There are two different versions to consider low vision and screen readers. This is something to consider as both need different things on what you would like to do.  I decided that I would make a pattern that combines both ofContinue reading “Low Vision Pattern Checklist”

What makes a good pattern – Part 4

Welcome back to the final part of Things I believe make a good pattern.  Charts: In my opinion, charts can be one of the hardest items to get right in a pattern and can be done poorly.  Something that I feel about them is to make sure that you print them off on your printerContinue reading “What makes a good pattern – Part 4”

What makes a good knitting pattern? Part 1

So this is going to be a blog post series as I discovered I had too much to say in just one blog post. I will attempt to work in order though. So this takes you through the first few sections of a pattern before you get to the actual pattern. Title – Every patternContinue reading “What makes a good knitting pattern? Part 1”